The Issue:

Although Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) receives strong state-wide bi-partisan support, our funding is unavailable due to ongoing budget negotiations between the Governor and Legislature. While we received an increase in the legislative budget, our funding was eliminated by the Governor’s State Administrative Board.

What’s at stake:

Without  funding, JMG will cease to operate and thousands of Michigan’s hardest-to-serve youth across the state will be left without programming mid-year. JMG is much more than programming, it is a movement embedded in our communities, helping to educate young people and give them the skills necessary to win in education, employment, and life.

The Resolution:

Urge the Governor and legislators to get back to the table, put people first, resolve the budget and restore JMG funding.

What you can do to help:

We encourage you to write or call the Governor’s office and encourage her to settle the budget and restore funding for JMG programs across the state of Michigan. Also, write your legislators and thank them for their ongoing support of JMG.  It is vital to our youth and their communities.

For your convenience we have provided links to help you access the resources needed to email your legislators and email/call the Governor’s office:

Find your Representative:

Find your Senator:

Contact information for the Governor’s office: 517-373-3400 or

Also, like our Facebook and Twitter pages; share our posts and use #supportJMG and #restoreJMG to support our efforts.