To demonstrate JMG’s value to stakeholders we have proudly launched the hashtag #supportJMG. For the next three months (March thru May) we ask that you use this hashtag on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media posts. Featuring the testimonials of JMG youth, alumni, and program partners, #supportJMG is intended to showcase JMG’s un-paralleled ability to equip Michigan’s young people with the skills to overcome barriers and win in education, employment, and life.

How It Works:
1. Record a video of your testimonial discussing the impact that JMG has had on you personally (JMG youth and alumni), on your school (staff and partners), on your parents, on your business (employer partners), and/or on the community where you live OR…

2. Snap a selfie with an accompanying written testimonial that discusses the impact that JMG has had on you personally, on your school, on your business, and/or on the community where you live.

3. Post the video or selfie testimonial to Facebook and/or Twitter using the hashtag – #supportJMG.

4. Tag members of the Michigan House of Representatives and/or Michigan Senate who represent your community. To find the elected officials over your Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates program, check the PDF here or down below!

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