A Message from Our Family to Yours

Dear Friends and Partners,

Youth Solutions, Inc. and its Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) network was founded to provide equal opportunity for all of Michigan’s young people to pursue meaningful education and employment. For the 16,000 young people that have participated in JMG, many of whom are of a racial minority, we understand that racism is another barrier they have faced and will continue to face without substantive changes.


What Happens To Kids When Every Year Is A Gap Year?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to speculation that this fall many high school seniors may elect to take a gap year – a year off from school during which they would travel or work or engage in other forms of personal development before beginning their college eduction. A gap year may prove to be an attractive option – even an advisable experience – that better prepares students to make the most of college when they do enroll.

However, different, and far more serious, gaps exist for thousands of high school students across the county, and the pandemic is only widening the already huge divide between students based on socioeconomic standing, between the haves and the have-nots.

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