An Interview with Ken Smith, President of Jobs for America’s Graduates

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is entering its 40th year as a national non-profit dedicated to preventing school dropouts and helping challenged young people succeed in post-secondary education and secure good jobs. It’s become the nation’s premier education and job preparation/placement program for challenged youth–helping more than 1.3 million young people graduate from high school, pursue post-secondary education and secure good jobs.

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Jobs for Michigan’s Grads Leadership Day Preps Future Leaders

To not only survive but thrive in the world of business, at the very least you have to be a skilled communicator, the ability to solve problems, and must always be able to bounce back from adversity. Fortunately, for the youth involved in the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates Program operated by the local contingent at Youth Solutions, they had a camp for that. In fact, they had three of them…

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