How We Measure Success

Ensuring our students win in education, employment, and citizenship is only possible if we know exactly how we are doing. Data helps us understand our impact, know what is working, and provide guidance on where we can improve. To ensure quality, our data is collected and standardized in a national database against national performance metrics. This helps us grow as an organization and makes certain we keep our promises to students, employers, and the communities we serve.

Rate of Graduation
Outperforming State Rates

Positive Outcomes Rate
Work, College, or a Combination

Employment Rate
Full- or Part-Time

Full-Time Jobs Rate
35 Hours a Week or More

Full-Time Placement Rate
Combination of Work and
Higher Education

Further Education Rate
College, Vocational, Trade,
and Apprenticeships

Results based on 2016 statewide dropout prevention performance outcomes for Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates.