Priority Schools

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates provides services to nine high schools with “Priority School” designation by the Michigan Department of Education. In each of these schools with a graduating JMG class in 2016, the JMG class achieved a higher graduation rate than the larger school population.*

School Class of 2016 Graduation Rate
Overall Class JMG Class Difference
Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody 53% 96% +43%
Osborn Evergreen Academy of Design & Alternative Energy (Detroit) 61% 100% +39%
Medicine & Community Health Academy at Cody (Detroit) 66% 100% +34%
Cody Academy of Public Leadership (Detroit) 67% 100% +33%
Benton Harbor High School 75% 100% +25%
Osborn College Preparatory Academy (Detroit) 81% 100% +19%
Osborn Collegiate Academy of Math, Science & Technology (Detroit) 86% 100% +14%
Flint Southwestern Classical Academy 87% 100% +13%
Flint Northwestern High School 82% 87% +5%

*Overall graduation percentages are according to Individual school rates have been rounded to the nearest whole number.

Other Priority School Outcomes


achieved a positive outcome in employment, education and/or military


achieved a full-time placement in employment, education and/or military


enrolled in post-secondary education