Stronger Together

Our expansive statewide partnership network of 1500+ employers, Michigan Works! agencies, school districts, community colleges, and non-profit organizations provides a foundation for young people to succeed. Together, we’re equipping young adults with the skills to overcome barriers and succeed in education, employment, and in life.


There’s no simulation that can live up to the real world. We spend hours (120 a year, to be exact) preparing our students for the world of work. But our employability skills’ training is incomplete without its most important component – the employer! Our employer champions offer young people exposure to the world of work through work experiences, talent tours, job opportunities and more.

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When there are hundreds of reasons young people choose not to come to school, we strive to be the one reason they do. Once they’re at school, we make sure they stick around. We partner with school districts and educational authorities across the state to offer nationally-recognized dropout prevention programming aimed at graduation. Unlike traditional dropout programs, our Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates programming is offered during the school day for elective credit and is facilitated by a highly certified teacher.

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We can’t do it alone and we’re not interested in trying. We form partnerships anywhere and everywhere it makes sense to help young people win. Our programming enhances what is already working and offers youth-focused solutions to things that are not.

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