Coffee with a Purpose

“It’s essential to encourage youth to use their voice for good. It’s equally essential to have productive conversations where we listen, understand, and take appropriate actions to ensure an equal and great future for all of Michigan’s youth.” – from Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates equality statement.

By way of taking action, “Coffee with a Purpose” was created; virtual conversations exploring a range of youth education and employment related topics with guest speakers who share our passion for Michigan’s young people. By giving youth this platform and encouraging them to use their voice for good, these productive conversations will enable us to listen, understand, and take appropriate actions to ensure an equal and great future for all of Michigan’s youth.

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Coffee with a Purpose, Striving for Racial Equity: Youth Perspectives, Concerns, and Calls to Action

August 13, 2020, 9:00a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

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Continuing protests across our country are creating a sense of urgency around healing divisions and resolving the inequities that plague our nation. Youth of color are looking to the future and questioning outcomes and opportunities that may or may not be available to them, with race as a leading predictor. It’s important that youth are given opportunities to discuss issues of racism and the structural causes of inequality that they face in education, employment, and in their communities.

Join Youth Solution’s Executive Director, Kristin Harrington, and Deborah Taylor, Workforce Programs Manager at Southeast Michigan Community Alliance for a co-moderated session with JMG Specialists and youth, as we listen to their perspectives, concerns, and calls to action as we strive for racial equity. We welcome you to join in the action as attendee questions will be invited on the registration form and throughout the discussion via the Zoom chat feature.

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Coffee with a Purpose

Did you miss the first Coffee with a Purpose?

June 24 was our first listening event in our newly created virtual series, “Coffee with a Purpose.”  Youth Solutions Executive Director, Kristin Harrington, was joined by JMG Specialists; Danny Jennings, Carolyn Miller, and Meagan Staton, and their exceptional young people; Michael (Mike) Kirby, Delann Pillivent, and Kyra Gibson to discuss the topic, COVID-19: The Pandemic’s Impact on Michigan Youth. Their inspirational stories and powerful voices spoke to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as looking to the future and making their mark. Our youth expressed the need for adults to understand the new challenges of social isolation, the difficulties of pivoting to online learning, and the loss of extra curricular activities.

“Some things we value have been taken away from us or put on hold, like sports or hanging with friends,” stated Mike, a rising junior at Benton Harbor High School. As a testament to his persistence, he continued, “We will all exit the pandemic stronger and wiser.”

Delann, Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates Class of 2020 and incoming freshman at the University of Michigan stated during the conversation, “We are the future. You guys should pay attention to us.” Yes, Delann, we most definitely should, which is why we created this platform to listen.

We encourage you to watch the recording of the conversation and listen to the voices of our youth.