Jobs For America’s Graduates: The Nation’s Premier Educational Recovery Program

After several consecutive years of slow improvement, the nation’s high school graduation rate stands at 84%. Although this increase is encouraging, a hard reality remains – one of every six students beginning high school does not finish it, leaving the U.S. graduation rate near the bottom of economically developed nations.

If only there were a program that could help struggling students earn their high school diploma, an educational recovery intervention that helps students graduate and progress to productive careers or advanced education. Guess what? There is. It’s called Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), and across a 40-year history…

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Study Reveals Job Gains with JMG

BENTON HARBOR — A research study by the University of Michigan-Flint shows students who enrolled in the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates program have a higher graduation rate, higher weekly wages, and an increased likelihood of enrolling in college.

The JMG program was established 10 years ago to help at-risk youth graduate from high school and be prepared for the future…

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Taking Charge of Your Life

BENTON HARBOR — Nobody owes you anything.

That’s a lesson, which he shortens to the acronym NOYA, that Benton Harbor native Danny Jennings said he learned the hard way and now wants to teach to young people, especially black males, through his business, NOYA Inspired, and his nonprofit, NeighborHOOD (Helping Our Own Develop) Community Connections.

He said both organizations drive the same message – create your own opportunities instead of waiting for someone to give you one…

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