JMG Students Gain Real Life Value from Mock Interviews at Whirlpool Corporation

BENTON HARBOR — The value of having a Fortune 500 company in the neighborhood was in clear evidence today for 37 students from across Michigan’s Great Southwest as they were able to test their mettle in a series of mock interviews thanks to volunteers at Whirlpool Corporation.

If you’re going to hone your interviewing skills, knowing that the job application process can make or break your chances for a bright future, who better to learn from than world class employees at the top of their own game.

Earlier today, Wednesday, April 25th, some 37 students from the Kinexus Bridge Academy and Benton Harbor, Hartford, Dowagiac Union  and Ross Beatty High Schools participated in a half day of mock interviews and workplace tours with the help of 18 Whirlpool Corporation volunteers.

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First Impressions Matter

BENTON HARBOR — Robert Opande found time to practice his interviewing skills in a professional setting Wednesday.

And he wasn’t alone.

Along with 37 other students, Opande took part in Mock Interview Day at Whirlpool Corp.’s Riverview Campus in Benton Harbor. The mock interviews are part of an annual collaboration between Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates and Whirlpool’s employee resource group known as the FOCUS Network.

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Students Help with Flint River Environmental Testing

FLINT — Some Flint students got to try their hand at testing the water quality of the Flint River Wednesday.

It’s part of a program called ‘Flint Green’.

Students from Flint Northwestern partnered with a G-M environmental engineer to learn what goes into testing water and how to determine its quality.

The goal of the project is to get students more engaged in the environment and interested in science careers.

“Knowing that they’re part of a bigger community who cares about the flint river and who cares about the environment, making sure that they’re empowered to do something about it so we do recycling at school, we plant flowers we do a lot of environmental activities and this is just another way to reinforce how they can make an impact,” said Jobs for Michigan Graduates Specialist.

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