From Classes to Careers

We think of diplomas like entrance tickets; you can’t get in without one, but they’re only the start of the show. At JMG, we’re always looking to the second act, answering the important question of “what comes next” for our young people. For us, the answer always includes a meaningful job that covers all of the bills for years to come. Our young people find the most relevance in academic courses when they’re connected to the world of work. In fact, we believe jobs are so important to student success that we named our organization after them!

While completing school, JMG students participate in employability skills training and career exposure activities that prepare them for the workplace. Once diplomas are in hand, we devote at least 12 months to helping graduates secure employment.

To me, JMG is a safety net of knowledge I will carry for life.

— Skylar Westphal, Ross Beatty High School/Cassopolis Public Schools

Our Approach


  • Partners with vocational training providers to teach hard skills for employment
  • Connects our graduates to employment opportunities


  • Visits to the workplace
  • Engaging in hands-on activities
  • Meeting employers long before graduation


  • Practicing interviewing skills
  • Interviewing with volunteer employers


  • Competing in employability-based competitions at regional, state, and national levels
  • Receiving performance feedback from employers judging the competitions